WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a worldwide movement linking people with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange, thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community. Edoardo Patrone winery-farm is proud to be one of the WWOOF hosts in Domodossola and we are always delighted to welcome all the WWOOFers who want to connect with the land, experience life as a winemaker-farmer and support the organic movement.

Reema Shah: "I had a great time volunteering at Edo's winery and farm. It was a unique experience and amazing opportunity to be close to nature in so many various ways. Volunteering tasks included feeding farm animals, planting and pruning vegetation, and best of all- helping with daily winemaking tasks. We also had the unique privilege to get to know Edo's family as we shared many meals at his parent's restaurant. Living on the farm was a magical experience, how often do you get wake up surrounded by the mountains and warm wind blowing through the vineyards?"

Volkan Bagdadli "Ciao there wwoofers! If you are already reading this, take one last step and send the message, do your wwoof in Edo's! Among 7 farms I have done wwoofing in Italy, Edo's place was my first and probably the best. Domodossola is a place I would never go if it wasn't for this reason and it would have been a big time loss not to see the breathtaking environment, beautiful and lovely people of Domodossola and of course Edo and his family. Domodossola is a great green place to wake up any time of the year, surrounded by the mountains; the farm, facility and the house wwoofer stay is on a steep hill which overlooks the city and the mountains. Edo is simply a crazy, inspiring and friendly man, full of love and passion towards wine, but also to people and nature. If you are interested in wine and its production, Edo is quite good teacher as well willing to show, explain the theory, reality and let you DO the wine at some point. This is crazy! :) Every day works change with natural flow of wine process, season or weather, but in any case there would be certainly something you have never done and you would not expect. Even there are some pigs, sheep and goats in the farm which would accompany you. In case you plan to visit in autumn, its full of castagne which is delicious on the stove or if you make some marrone glace :) Plus I forgot to say, Edo's family has a trattoria in the heart of the city which you'll visit and taste some incredible Italian dishes every lunch! Yep, you heard that right! :) So you still waiting? Go and write him and do not miss this chance!"