Covering an area of 9 hectares, we have vineyards, natural trees (forest), fruit trees, vegetable garden and animals in the farm.

There are a lot of different fruit trees as apples, chestnuts, pears, blueberries… All trees are cultivated organically according to the traditional method with no herbicide or pesticide.

Sharing the same method with fruit trees, our vegetable garden is no glyphosate or pesticide. In this garden, we grow short-term vegetable as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, herbs…In the future, we will make a green house in order to get a better quality and also more species of vegetables.

In the farm, we normally grow different animals as pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks…We are also planning to have honey bees in the farm in the near future..

Besides developing the farm, we always keep our goal to be an eco-friendly farm. We keep more than 7 hectares for preserving the natural trees; decrease the consumption of chemicals, no using pesticide, glyphosate on fruit trees and vegetables. Feeding sheep and goat with the grass in the farm instead of using tractor or herbicide, we reduce the carbon footprint, preserve the soil quality and protect the natural landscape. In 2018, we continue to be an environmentally friendly farm and aim to be a sustainable winery-farm.