Ossola wine: from the past to the future

Giu 18, 2021 | Ossola Vine Club English

Ossola is an ancient wine-growing land with an extraordinary story to tell us: the local viticulture is more than 700 years old, and this was recorded in a document dating back to 1309.



From a Golden era to a dark period: the phylloxera problem

For five long centuries, the oenological heritage was invaluable and destined above all to the Swiss and Milanese markets. During the second half of the 19th century, however, an insect called phylloxera began to attack all of Europe‘s vineyards violently: the vine-growers had to craft their varieties on American rootstocks. Nowadays, with around 694 different varieties, Italy is one of the first countries for biodiversity.


The departure from Langhe and Monferrato towards Ossola

Probably people would not expect in their wildest dream that in the last century, some winemakers from Langhe and Monferrato area abandoned their vineyards to move to Ossola to cultivate and produce their wines, attracted by a territory rich in opportunities. Furthermore, the vines in the zone are very diverse because, in the past, people stole or asked their neighbours for the varieties they liked most, and they did not have today’s knowledge on the subject.



Viticulture today: a great wish to redeem the glorious past

Over the last few decades, it was born a desire to recover historical vines: different programs and partnerships have been created to enhance viticulture, and, to date, it is a prosperous activity between 200 and 700 meters above sea level. The main wine-growing municipalities are Domodossola, Trontano, Masera, Montecrestese, Crevoladossola, Villadossola and Crodo, for a total of 50 hectares.


A local production that is moving elsewhere

The companies mainly produce red wine, but not only: think about the Azienda Agricola Edoardo Patrone, which is the first in Ossola for rosé sparkling wine. Well, Ossola’s viticulture is turning into a real niche production, heading towards other markets besides the local one.


We leave you with a small anecdote: Ossola wine was used as payment for the labour of the workers who built the Milan Cathedral (with Candoglia marble, also from Ossola).


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