Extra dry rosé sparkling wine

After harvesting and selection in the field, the grapes are placed in 25kg boxes in which cryomaceration is carried out to protect the colour and aromas as much as possible. A light pressing and a first alcoholic fermentation at low temperature are the characteristics of this sparkling wine. The long Charmat sparkling wine makes this product lively and balanced. The aging is Charmat Lungo, 60 days in autoclave.



Excellent with lean appetizers, first and second courses, also ideal as an aperitif.
Recommended serving temperature 6-8° C


NameExtra dry "Basin" rose sparkling wine
ColorBright intense rose petal
PerfumeElegant with notes of redcurrant, wild strawberries, raspberry
TasteThe effervescence is fine and persistent. In the mouth it is very pleasant, excellent flavor in balance with the alcohol component. It is an excellent product for a perfect aperitif. It has soft tannins that make the wine more harmonious. In the aftertaste there are again the vinous scents.

Altitudefrom 300 meters above sea level
Grape harvest timeSeptember Pimi
Orientation and exposureSoutheast
Vine growing systemGuyot, Toppia (pergola)
Type of soilfrank sandy
Vineyards locationDomodossola, Trontano, Beura
Grapevines usedLocal minor vines