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Ossola wine: from the past to the future

Ossola is an ancient wine-growing land with an extraordinary story to tell us: the local viticulture is more than 700 years old, and this was recorded in a document dating back to 1309.     From a Golden era to a dark period: the phylloxera problem...
The Prünent

The Prünent

Prünent is a black grape variety, a clone of Nebbiolo. It is native to the Ossola Valley, which produces one of the DOC Valli Ossolane wines.    A...

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The climate change

The climate change

Climate change and the loss of biodiversity represent two of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. The rise in global average...

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Ossola, land of wines

In Italy, it is a tradition to use the cities' names to spell: A for Ancona, B for Bologna, C for Como, etc. The most famous letter is the “D of...

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